RTA Cabinet Store Sees 167% Increase in Financed Sales by Switching to Bread

February 14, 2018 | 3 min read

RTA Cabinet Store, a leading online retailer of ready-to-assemble cabinets and vanities, was looking for a new financing partner that could fully integrate with their e-commerce solution to drive sales and improve conversions.


Thanks to the growing popularity of home improvement shows on TV, the ease of access to free YouTube videos, and rising comfort levels with do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, more homeowners are turning to online cabinet retailers, versus full-service providers, for ready-to-assembly cabinet options.

One of the beneficiaries of that shift is RTA Cabinet Store, a leading online retailer of ready-to-assemble cabinets and vanities. Founded in 2007, the company has seen impressive average annual sales growth of more than 40%. At the RTA Cabinet Store, the average amount spent on kitchen cabinets is just $3,000, reports founder Gary Nealon, allowing consumers to save thousands when compared to other sources.


Despite its impressive sales growth, RTA Cabinet Store recognized that it could do more to help its customers pay for cabinets. So a couple of years ago it began testing pay-over-time solutions, to allow customers to spread the cost of their cabinets out over several months, rather than having to pay for it all up front.

The first company RTA Cabinet Store worked with did not meet its needs and failed in a number of critical areas. With it’s previous financing provider, customers who were not approved during the check-out process seemed to “fall into a black hole,” says Nealon.

“We wanted a tech-savvy partner that could fully integrate with our entire shopper funnel and could think outside the box,” says Nealon. “Bread understands the importance of offering financing up front and has a solution that integrates seamlessly with our website.”


The first thing Bread helped implement was a full-funnel approach to financing. With Bread, the RTA Cabinet Store was able to offer financing earlier in the sales process. This allows shoppers to apply for financing and pre-qualify up front, versus later, at check-out. With Bread, shoppers can apply for financing at several places: on the RTA Cabinet Store homepage, on the financing page, or on the product page. Bread has a button that informs consumers that the cabinets they’re admiring could cost “As low as…,” explains Nealon.

Introducing the financing option earlier in the shopping process has more than doubled the percentage of customers who opt to pay over time. Since switching to Bread, RTA Cabinet Store has seen a 167% increase in volume of orders attributed to financing when compared to their previous financing partner.

More importantly, since making the switch, RTA Cabinet Store has seen a 142% lift in revenue attributed to financing.

Being able to pre-qualify buyers at the start of their shopping session, rather than at the end, helps to inform consumers about their purchasing power. It helps reduce the number of shoppers who click away from the site because they think they can’t afford the cabinets they’ve been looking at.

“Bread understands digital marketing better than most financing companies, says Nealon. “While RTA Cabinet Store’s reputation for design and customer service are already unparalleled, adding financing to the mix helps ensure customers get exactly what they want and on terms that make it extremely affordable.”