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Happier Customers, Higher Conversions

Give your customers easy-to-understand options to pay over time.  That lets you sell more. Bigger baskets, higher AOV, happier customers. Everyone wins.

What is Bread

How It Works

1. Add Bread to your site

Every merchant is different. We work with you to select the right tools for your site. Our API is flexible and easy to integrate.

2. Your customers apply and buy

It’s fast and easy for your customers to pre-qualify as they shop. They see personalized $/month pricing for simple checkout.

3. You’re paid now. Your customers pay us over time

You take no credit risk and receive payment in full up front. Bread handles repayment and provides best-in-class service and support to your customers.

Questions about specifics?

Customize Your Financing Solution

Financing where you want it

Not just a checkout button. You can offer customers financing anywhere along their shopping journey. Let your customers understand their purchasing power earlier in the funnel.


Our tech, your design

We love the way you look! We’re committed to enhancing your brand, not ours. You can white-label our tools to fit the look, feel, and tone of your site.


Keep customers on your site

Never send your customers away from your store. Bread allows your customers to see their financing options and complete purchases, all without leaving your store’s web page.


Loan terms that make sense for your business

We are not one size fits all. Bread’s financing options include a wide range of loan term lengths and structures. You can create a custom menu of options to best suit your customers’ needs.

*These are example terms, individual terms will vary and are subject to approval.


Here When You Need Us

When you succeed, so do we. And like any good partner, we’re here to handle all your questions. So, from explaining how we work to providing tips on how to advertise, you can reach out to us.

Your Customer is Our Priority

If your customers have questions, we have answers. Prompt, informative support staff is available to help even the most hesitant customer feel more confident.

Contact a Rep

We Can Work With Any Platform

We already work with many major ecommerce players. If you’re working with something different, our staff can help you get up and running. Or check out our API for a fully manual installation. Curious about how integration works?


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Common Questions

Merchants work with Bread for four reasons: One, you have control of branding and UX. With Bread, you can white label and control the messaging and aesthetics of the financing program.  Two, we provide merchants unparalleled flexibility & customization — loan terms, loan programs, design, and integration — our tools can be tailored to your needs.  Three, several financing options to your customers, including term loans that are longer than what most of our peers offer, so your customer can pick what works best for their budget.  Four, we strive to offer best in class service to both our merchant partners and your customers.

We have had considerable success with a variety of merchants across many  verticals. We tend to work best with merchants with an AOV higher than $250 or who sell high-ticket durable goods or services.

We enable checkout anywhere along the shopping path!  And we can work with you to tailor a custom program to meet your existing customer behavior.

We have tools to convert customers over the phone, via marketing channels and email.

All financing options available through Bread work the same way: the customer makes a payment every month starting 1 month after you collect payment from Bread. We charge a flat late fee, but there is no deferred interest, no tricks, or surprises.

Upon settlement, Bread notifies the customer that their loan has started and their first payment is due in ~30 days. At the end of the term, your customer’s obligation is complete.

You get paid upfront in full, less the merchant discount, within three (3) business days of requesting settlement. Bread takes on the credit and fraud risk. That being said, we expect our merchants to treat orders with Bread in the same fashion as orders with any other payment method.

You control how and where financing is communicated on your site. In terms of look and feel, can control the fonts, headlines and colors within the pre-qualification and checkout flow.

After evaluating all of our financing options, we chose Bread.  As a result AOV with Bread is 35% higher than our standard checkout.

– Tyler Ackerman, Founder & CEO


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