Introducing Our New Branding!

News & Updates | 2 min read

Bread launched in 2014 to modernize the payment experience for a new generation of digital-first retailers and consumers.

Retail was undergoing a rapid transformation as dollars shifted towards mobile, direct-to-consumer brands, and e-commerce. We saw that consumers wanted and deserved better shopping experiences, and retailers needed forward-thinking platforms that would help them adapt to these changing preferences without diminishing their brand value. This included addressing their growing affinity to use pay over time financing to get the items they desired.

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve undergone a rebranding to better convey our commitment to retailers and their customers. In addition to a new logo and colors, we’ve launched a brand new website and updated our merchant and customer portals to make it even more accessible and easy to navigate. Although we’ve undergone a few visual changes, our mission to bring dignity to consumer financing remains the same.

When we started Bread, we saw an opportunity to address a massive need in the retail industry—updating and replacing the private-label credit card concept for today’s digital age. Digital enhancements are changing the landscape for retail, reflecting the omnichannel experiences that consumers now expect when they shop. We’ve worked to build products that address these needs, while also placing the retailer’s brand first. This way, retailers will have the tools to sell more, all while improving relationships with their customers for more than a single transaction. We want retailers to build value that lasts a lifetime.

We’ve aimed to think beyond the traditional “buy now, pay later” model to create a truly differentiated solution. Our growth to date has been a testament of our efforts to place the interests of our partners ahead of our own. Our successful partnerships with companies such as The RTA Store, EraGem, and Made In Cookware speak to just a handful of the positive impacts we’ve created thus far.

We look forward to growing with both our retail partners and consumers. We’re excited to continue improving, iterating and showing you what’s to come.