Bread’s Holiday Shopping Insights: 5 Lessons for Retailers

October 24, 2018 | 2 min read
Retailers want to take a proactive approach to holiday shopping. Leverage our insights to see how you can attract more customers and boost conversions.
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The Quick Guide to Understanding the Best E-commerce Financing Solution

Retailers want to make it easier to purchase big-ticket items online and consumers want simple and transparent ways to make low monthly payments—enter e-commerce financing solutions. Read more in this quick guide.

3 E-commerce Marketing Strategies to Better Engage Your Customers

Learn more about 3 e-commerce marketing strategies that can help you better engage your customers.

Case Studies

YOLO Board Sees 17% Lift in AOV Since Launching with Bread

November 1, 2018 | 3 min read
Adventure brand YOLO Board has completely transformed its business with Bread, seeing a 17% lift in AOV through financing.
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Wheelfire Takes Sales, AOV into Overdrive with Bread

Specialty auto company Wheelfire sees 2.9x growth in financed sales and 29% higher AOV with full-funnel marketing and customer engagement.

EraGem Enhances Omnichannel Experiences After Switching to Bread

Bread’s white-labeling and seamless e-commerce, in-store integrations have been pivotal to jeweler EraGem's growth

How Digital Storm Saw a 2.65x Increase in Loan Volume After Switching to Bread

Bread’s full funnel integration and flexible payment options lifts average order value and sales attributed to financing for technology retailer Digital Storm.