Full-Funnel Integration

Give your shoppers access to greater purchasing power with the ability to pre-qualify for financing and check out from any page on your site.
  • Offer Financing on Any Page

    Your shoppers can discover, pre-qualify, and check out from anywhere—your homepage, category page, product page, cart, or checkout.
  • Dynamic “As Low As" Pricing

    Transform pricing using the shopper’s personalized per-month price to boost sales and increase average order value.

Real-Time Decision

Let your shoppers pre-qualify in seconds without ever leaving your site, giving them a seamless and frictionless experience.
  • Shoppers can get their rate by entering just a few pieces of information, all without affecting their credit.
  • Your shoppers learn if they are pre-qualified and understand their purchasing power in real time.
  • Bread doesn’t take the shopper off the page or redirect to another site, ensuring a smooth user experience.

E-Commerce Integrations

Case Studies

Noémie Increases Checkout Volume +200% by Growing with Financing

By partnering with Bread, Noémie has had the support they need to grow their business year on year—all with the help of white labeled, full-funnel financing.


Going Direct-to-Consumer and Investing in Experience Helped INTENSE Get Their Brand in Gear

In just three months INTENSE expanded their business through online direct-to-consumer sales, ensuring that their brand always comes first with Bread’s robust white-labeling features.


5X the Sales Means More Creators Can Get Crafty with The Original ScrapBox and Bread Financing

With Bread, Original ScrapBox was able to use targeted financing offers and create a seamless full-funnel experience to drive more sales and larger orders.


YOLO Board Sees 17% Lift in AOV Since Launching with Bread

Adventure brand YOLO Board has completely transformed its business with Bread, seeing a 17% lift in AOV through financing.


Wheelfire Takes Sales, AOV into Overdrive with Bread

Specialty auto company Wheelfire sees 2.9x growth in financed sales and 29% higher AOV with full-funnel marketing and customer engagement.


EraGem Enhances Omnichannel Experiences After Switching to Bread

Bread’s white-labeling and seamless e-commerce, in-store integrations have been pivotal to jeweler EraGem's growth


How Digital Storm Saw a 2.65x Increase in Loan Volume After Switching to Bread

Bread’s full funnel integration and flexible payment options lifts average order value and sales attributed to financing for technology retailer Digital Storm.


Bread Financing Helped The RTA Store Increase Average Ticket Size by 130%

Learn how leading furniture retailer The RTA Store increased average ticket size by 130%


How BBQ Guys Increased Conversions and Cart Size with Bread

Specialty retailer BBQ Guys partners with Bread to offer customers a way to finance their dream outdoor kitchens with low monthly payments.


Get the answers to your questions
about e-commerce financing

Businesses choose Bread because our unique full-funnel, white-label approach consistently outperforms other solutions in terms of unlocking revenue and boosting AOV and customer lifetime value.

All of Bread’s financing solutions are designed to be simple and fair, and to treat your customers with dignity. Customers make equal monthly payments until their loan is repaid. Shoppers are reminded of their due date each month, and there is no penalty for early repayment.

With Bread, you are paid upfront in full, minus a merchant discount fee, within three (3) business days of requesting settlement. You do not take on the credit risk and fraud risk in most instances.

Yes, Bread has robust white label capabilities that have been proven to drive higher conversions for our partners. With Bread you can customize the placement, aesthetics, and branding of financing across your site, including the application experience.

Bread partners with great brands selling direct to consumers (not to businesses) across many industries, from home goods to auto parts to fine jewelry. Bread’s solutions focus on financing durable goods rather than services. We support online, phone, and in-store sales channels with best-in-class technology and an outstanding service organization. Contact a member of our team to see how Bread can help your organization.

Bread powers financing solutions
that increase sales for retailers.

The Bread® solution includes easy-to-understand financing options, flexible terms, and
all of the tools you need to let your customers pay over time. Contact us today to see
how Bread can help you attract, convert, and retain more customers.